One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon – Race Recap

Look at me, writing while it’s still fresh in my mind! I’ve spent the last two days relaxing a bit but still got out and did some light exercise. I walked with B in the stroller Sunday for about a mile and a half then took him for a bike ride (5.4 miles) that helped tremendously with the soreness in my legs. This morning we took another bike ride (7 miles) and now I’m relaxing in the gorgeous sun while he naps.

The plan was to get up by 5:45, my Dad would meet me at our house and we’d leave by 7. B man decided I needed to get up at 5:25 so I obliged, tell me that an 20 minutes isn’t a huge deal when you’re tired!  I’ve determined that B gets race anxiety with me because whenever I have a big run or event he sleeps like poo poo.  He wasn’t interested in being in his crib at all and he was up about a gazillion times. I’ve come to expect this though. We’re two peas in a pod like that.

I had my standard oatmeal with peanut butter for race day. I decided to sprinkle in a little ginger and cinnamon for their anti-inflammatory benefits. Well I’m sprinkling away and look down to see red, see as it turns out I was using cayenne pepper. This is what happens when you’re tired! I didn’t want to waste it so I ate my oatmeal with a kick. I also had a cup of black coffee for just a bit of caffeine. My stomach freaked out with race nerves, per the usual. I got B fed, got myself dressed and we got out the door a little after 7am.


Pre race selfie with my Dad my running buddy.

This year the start of the mini was split into waves, so corrals A-E or F, you get the point, started at 7:48am, then the second wave started at 8am and so on. I started in the second wave with my Dad so we left home a little later than we would normally have to which was really nice! I hit the port-o-potty and we jogged up to our corral just in time to start moving forward to the start line. The easy start with the corral waves was so nice! It didn’t take our usual half hour just to get to the start. However, it still seemed a little crowded at the start. This is to be expected with a race so big but I was dodging walkers, quite a few of them, right out of the gate. Walking is totally cool, nothing against them at all, I just wish they’d seed themselves appropriately or at the very least stay to the right as requested by the organization. <– rant over.

Our first mile was impressive, we ran a fast 8:34 mile, I say impressive because usually the first mile is one of the slowest because you are doing a lot of dodge and weave.  I felt pretty strong but my legs were feeling heavier than I like on race day. I’d brought a couple different things to fuel with, a super green chia mama pouch, 1 gu, and some jelly belly sport beans. I gave the sport beans to my dad but bummed a few off of him about half way through.


I also took a tylenol prior to the race and stashed one in my belt. After hitting the gatorade pit stop, eating the chia pouch, and taking the gel packet I knew I’d made a terrible mistake in mixing fuel. I had a side stitich/stomach ache for the entire run. What’s bad is I totally know better!Gatorade and gel’s contain high amounts of simple sugars. Combining the two at the same time means you’re ingesting too much simple sugar at once. Your digestive system can’t process all that sugar efficiently, which may lead to cramps and side stitches…precisely what was going on. I’ll know better next time to stick with water for hydration. I did pick up a super sweet new fuel belt at the expo though.


The belt spaces stretch to fit your phone and there’s a tiny pouch for your key. Also it has built in stretchy things (no idea what to call these) to hold your gu!

About mile 9 my legs started to feel really really heavy, I lost a lot of steam. I was trying to mentally push through. I knew I could run the rest, we’d done training runs that were longer than 9 miles. I just kept chugging along though, disappointed in my mojo but still chugging. I looked at mapmyrun (because my watch was conveniently dead at the start line) and it said 1:40 at 11 mile. I though ok I totally have this. My goal was to do it in under 2 hours. I knew we’d been running around a 9 minute mile so I thought for sure I’d get under my goal. Well as it turns out, mapmyrun was measuring long (probably from wide corners and dodging) so I actually came across the finish line at 2 hours and 49 seconds. My average was a 9:13 mile. My Dad sprinted ahead in the last mile and came in under two hours but I just didn’t have it in me. I’m still happy with my time, it wasn’t slow but if you are a runner you know what it’s like to think you are going to PR and miss it by 1 short minute.  Yeah, I’m looking to redeem myself very soon, possibly by doing the Memorial Day half in Owensboro again this year (I did it two years ago and kicked ass).

I was super happy to see this little dude when I was done! Thanks to my hubby coming out with him to see me. One day I’ll be teaching this little booger how to train for his first race….yeah I might be getting ahead of myself a wee bit here. All in good time!


I did reward myself a little post race by stuffing my face with a delicious chicken snadwich from Bagger Dave’s and drinking an Angry Orchard, crisp apple. Seriously, those Angry Orchard’s are the best thing I’ve had in a long time. I’m usually a wine gal but holy deliciousness. I have to remind myself it’s alcohol and not koolaid so I can control myself!



So overall it was a decent race. I’m already gearing up for my next run, the Dirty Girl Mud run in two weeks. I have a busy race calendar the rest of the season and will have a post up on that shortly. Congrats to all of my friends who ran the mini this year, whether it was their first, their last, their best, everyone did an awesome job just by getting out there!




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