Wine at the Line – Will Run for Wine

Saturday was the annual Wine at the Line run at Mallow Run Winery. I love this run, it’s short and sweet followed by a free glass of wine! There is a5 mile option and a 5k option. I ran the 5 miler. So just to recap, last weekend I ran for chocolate and this weekend I ran for wine, yep sounds about right for me. This marks my 3rd year for the race, while I’m typically not a fan of evening races, it just doesn’t seem right to be drinking wine after an 8am race so it works. The first year I ran it I missed out on the wine because I was carrying an under aged passenger in my uterus (I used that word just because it makes my husband squirm).  Last year Justin ran it with me but this year he got baby duty.  There is usually a chill in the air by this time of the year for this run but I was not expecting wind gusts of 31 mph or <50 degree temps.  The wind definitely had some bite to it!



I arrived super early because they were anticipating a larger than normal crowd. I arrived with plenty of time. The race started at 4:00 and I was parked by 2:45. I picked up my bib, note I waited until race day after last week’s fiasco, then headed back to my car to keep warm! It just looks like a cold fall day in this picture!


I really like the shirts this year, they are long sleeved as usual, but feel like a softer cotton and they’re grey with pretty blue writing. I wasn’t running with anyone but I did know a few people who were coming so I checked in with them to see if anyone was there yet. I warmed up with a short lap around the winery and hit the port-o-potty 72 times after over hydrating. I decided to line up about 3:45 to make sure I could get up with the faster crowd. To be honest I wasn’t planning on breaking any records, with the wind I was really just hoping for a decent finish. I lined up with the 8 minute milers and felt pretty good about that. I knew I’d get passed but it is what it is.


The race started on time and I headed out, turns out there were a lot of speedy runners behind me…sorry people! It was really discouraging there for a bit as they all blew past me. I looked at my watch and was running just under an 8 minute mile so I really wasn’t going slow! There were just a lot of really good runners this year. The wind was brutal as I imagined it would be but I still was doing fine on pace. There were several rolling hills that I forget about every single year. They weren’t terrible though. I was excited to complete another race with sub 8s! I was really hoping last week wasn’t a fluke and sure enough I proved to myself that it wasn’t! I’m not sure if I will ever stop being stupid excited about this.


Overall placing wasn’t too bad either. I was 8th in my age division (30-34) and I’m cool with that.

Overall Division Pace Chip Time
74/580 8/77 7:53 39:28.9

After I finished I grabbed a banana and headed up to get my free wine. I went with the Rhubarb which is my all time favorite! I was a little disappointed that the finishers glass wasn’t a stemmed glass because I was excited to complete our set! However, the glass is much more mommy friendly :).



I didn’t stay for the festivities but one of the nice things about this race is the after party. There were food trucks and live music so if you had a buddy or two you could stick around and make a night out of it. Maybe next year I’ll come more prepared for that and stick around!