Double Road Race – Recap

June 1st I participated in a race that was different than anything I’ve ever done.  The Double Road Race is a 10k run followed by a half time and then a 5k run. When I signed up I was really excited to try something new, when race weekend rolled around I was having trouble feeling motivated. Maybe it was because I was coming off two prior weekends of events the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run and the Owensboro Memorial Day Half but I was sort of dreading getting up to race again. I was also secretly afraid I’d hate it. It was the first time I was really struggling to get excited about a run. Truth be told I thought I’d hate it, I’m very much a person who likes to keep running because once I stop I’m done. Last year’s Monumental Marathon was the first time I’ve walked in a race in a long time.  I paid the money for it though so I thought it best to show up! I probably would have regret it otherwise.

I got up early and did my usual pre-race routine, coffee, protein for breakfast, and then I double checked that I had everything. I checked on B man one last time and headed out. When I got downtown I was pleasantly surprised that there weren’t many people at all. I was able to walk right up and pick up my packet with no trouble. I thought maybe I was just early. The race was going to start at 7:30 and I was there about 6:45. I did a quick warm up by jogging back to my car to drop off my bag from packet pick up. I got in line for the race and quickly realized there was a pretty small turnout. I think they cut off the registration purposefully so there is space in the recovery half time area but I’m not sure at what point registration is closed.  I’m finding that I really enjoy small races though so I was happy.

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I scoped out the competition trying to judge everyone’s age and prepared to run. We started the 10k leg at 7:30 it was still cool at this time and weather was great for the run. We did a loop and a half around the IUPUI campus. I feel like there probably could have been more water stops but I was spoiled at my last race where there was water/gatorade at every single mile, this is not the norm.  I’ve just noticed with allergy season upon us my throat gets really dry quickly. I should probably consider carrying my own in the future. I ran the first 3 miles at a steady pace, I wasn’t sure exactly how to pace a 10k because I’d never run that distance in a race before. I felt really good at 3 miles so I increased my pace and stayed strong. I even saved enough energy to sprint the last .2 miles. I love sprinting across the finish line!

I was eager to see if the results would be posted for the first 10k. I knew there were several girls in front of me (and several that I passed!) so I was hoping that most of them were in another age group. Unfortunately almost every single one of them was in the 30-34 group! I was still happy with my time, 53:21 a pace of 8:36. I was 7th in my age group for the first race.

I headed to the recovery area or “half time” area as they were calling it. I stopped by the fuel station first and grabbed a banana. They also had Gatorade, water, cliff bars, and another brand of protein bar (I can’t remember what it was!). I was mostly curious and  hadn’t planned to do much, however, when I walked in there was no line for massages so I hopped right up on the table! It was wonderful! I got a short massage and then headed to the mats to stretch out. There were also some people there to help with stretching as well as the massage therapists. The other side of the room had foam rollers, mats, and spin bikes to keep your legs warm. After I stretch a little I got on a bike and road a bit to keep my legs loose. I had roughly 45-50 minutes between races.


At 9:00am I lined up for the 5k so I could do the double. It was another relaxed start. I fell slow getting started like my legs didn’t want to run again but I picked up speed after mile 1. It always seems to take at least a mile for me to get into a good groove no matter how long the race is.  I felt like I was being passed a lot but in looking at the results I maintained my 7th place finish in my age group. I was able to sprint to the end again and passed 2 women on the way in. Much to my dismay I didn’t pass anyone in my age division. In fact I sprinted past the first place finisher for the 25-29 age group, I narrowly missed that division by 2 short weeks!

I made sure to check the final results to see if I’d inched my way into the top 5 and I had not. My final results were, right below me is the girl I sprinted past only to find she was not in my age group :(

Age Sex Place Age Group 10K Rank 10K Time 10K Pace 5K Rank 5K Time 5K Pace Chip WMA
30 F 50 7 F30-34 50 53:21:00 8:36 48 26:22:00 8:30 1:19:41 58
25 F 51 1 F25-29 51 53:28:00 8:37 51 26:25:00 8:31 1:19:52 57.85

I was 12th of 55 females and 7th of 18 in my age group. I was 50 of 114 total runners. The first place woman in my group (and also the 2nd place winner overall) ran a 5:47 mile. Turns out I don’t even run that fast in my dreams nor do I ever expect to! Luckily she’s from Kentucky so maybe I don’t have to dash my dreams of ever winning a local race!


Overall I had a really good time at this race and I would definitely do it again! I’m hoping it returns next year because I enjoyed it so much. I found in doing this race that the 10k distance is my favorite race distance and it’s a shame we don’t have more 10k’s in this area.

Have you ever just not felt motivated for a race?

Have you participated in something similar?