Go Girl Sprint Triathlon – Race Recap

Well my triathlon season has come to an end and I can happily say that I accomplished my goal of doing 3 this year. Saturday was the last in that series, the Go Girl at Eagle Creek. This is one of my favorite races by far. I missed it last year because I just didn’t make the time to swim. I happily returned this year wanting to make this the best sprint tri of the season.

I was a little worried about this race, I had a rough week with B man being sick, which threw my training schedule for a loop. Long story short I didn’t get in a swim or a decent run the week before so I was stressing about it. I kept telling myself the extra rest might be good for me and maybe it was but I prefer to only take 1 rest day before a race.

The night before the race I packed my backpack with my essentials:

running Shoes

cycling Shoes

swim goggles


running belt




organic energy chews

water bottle with Nuun

Race morning I deviated from my normal scrambled eggs that I’ve been having in the morning and I had peanut butter toast instead. I meant to grab a banana and completely spaced it. I also like to have one cup of coffee, early enough to avoid too many race jitters. I headed out to meet Jennifer and we rode up to Eagle Creek together.  It was nice to have someone to hang out with for a change before a tri. I usually just awkwardly wait around by myself until they start. We also met another co-worker there who doing the race as well. We all got set up, took some pre-race photos and then patiently (nervously) waited for the ladies to line up for the swim. GoGIRL2 GOGIRL

For triathlons you are seeded based on the swim ability you put in when you register. I must not have had much faith in myself because I was 343 of just over 500.  You are sent into the water based on your number but I shimmied my way in with the 200′s I felt if I was with swimmers slightly faster than me I’d keep a better swim pace. I jumped into the water and for the first time ever I wasn’t sucking wind (from nerves!) when I jumped in. I was able to do a pretty normal swim which never happens, I’m usually swimming with my head above water to catch my breath the first 100 meters or more. I was really nervous about the swim, as I usually am. My arms started to feel tired before we even passed the first buoy.  As I swam I noticed I was actually passing people! I just kept chugging. I panicked a little feeling like maybe I was exerting all of my energy too soon but I shrugged it off and kept swimming. I was only kicked a few times and felt the congestion in the water was pretty normal.  I had some trouble seeing where the finish was for the swim, the sun was shining on my face and my goggles fogged up a little but I just kept following the green caps! When I got out of the water I looked at my watch and was pretty happy, I completed the swim in 13:04, this is a good swim for me! I’ll compare past races here in a sec. I got behind a woman taking her time up the steps from the water and I was a bit twitchy, like get going! So I may have to seed myself higher next year.

Transition went well, I was close to my area coming out of the water but had a little ways to go getting to the start line for the bike and run. My first transition was 1:32 and my second was 1:46.

The bike went well, it was definitely faster than my last race at Eagle Creek. I think having a little experience with the course helped me not be so cautious about some of the roads and turns. The bummer was that my speedometer on my bike wasn’t working at all, so I had no idea what my speed was or how far I’d gone. The nice part about Eagle Creek is it’s an out and back course. Oh and for the second time in a race I saw a deer in the road! She was kind of hanging out on the side and I was slightly worried she’d jump out onto the road right in front of me. Despite my speedometer not working I just tried to pedal my hardest. I went into this tri wanting to give 100% in each event. Previously I think I’ve held back a little on the bike portion because I didn’t want my legs to be tired for the run. I averaged 17.2 for the bike.

I would say I felt my run was the weakest it has been for all of my races this year. I felt like I was running a normal pace but kept looking at my watch and seeing I was slowing down. I think a lot of it was the insane humidity and heat. We’ve not had a lot of that this summer, we’ve had unseasonably cool temps for summer so my body isn’t conditioned for brutal humidity. Overall, the run wasn’t terrible though I averaged an 8:36 mile so I can deal with that.


Final thoughts and stats: Total time: 1:17:03

6th in age division (of 52)

47th overall (of 368)   Comparison

500m Swim Transition1 Bike 10mi Avg Transition2 Run 3 Mi Avg Total Time
2014 Go Girl 13:04 1:32 34:51 17.2mph 1:46 25:47 8:36 1:17:03
2014 Tri Series 13:40 1:50 36:02.3 16.6mph 1:58 26:03 8:41 1:19:34
2012 Go Girl 16:32 2:01 33:57 17.7mph 2:18 26:16 8:45 1:21:06

I’ve improved on my swim and the run is pretty consistent. It looks like I need to hit some spin classes though to get my bike pace up for next year. I have really enjoyed this triathlon season. I’m a little sad to see it go but I’m also excited to jump head first into marathon training and focus on one discipline versus three. I look forward to next year and possibly even consider throwing in the Olympic distance triathlon next year to get close to my goal of one day completing a half ironman.