One Year

Better late than never! So I’m a bit behind (on everything!) work and school have been keeping me busy, not to mention the gorgeous weather has been keeping me outside rather than inside glued to technology! I figured I better get a post up soon though, you know before he’s two.

April 5th, 2014 our little man turned one. I’m going to be honest. I wasn’t sure if I should celebrate or cry! I did a little of both. A year with a baby really does fly by, it doesn’t matter how many sleepless nights, dirty diapers, or pumping sessions you put in, it still flies by and you miss it. For me, *almost* every milestone that has gone by, I’m saddened and happy all at once.  I without a doubt am thrilled to be out of those first 10 weeks of constant screaming aka colic, but even those moments, I miss how tiny he was, how new he was. I remember missing the hospital, sounds dumb right? I kept thinking about how that was my last “first” time to be a first time mom. I imagine every birth of every child is just as special but there is something really exciting about going in to deliver your first baby, having no idea what to expect. I could go on and on about how fast this year has gone by, but what mom couldn’t? So let’s get on with things..

Flashback to when he was a teeny tiny 6lbs 13.5ounces. Our scrawny little dude, who seemed to take forever to chunk up but boy did he ever!

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I’m happy to report we’ve made it over a year breastfeeding! I remember those first few weeks, it was miserable! If you’d asked me then if we’d still be going strong at a year I would have told you I’d be happy to make it a month. My first goal was to make it to 3 months or when I went back to work. I wasn’t sure how the whole pumping thing would go. Once I got the hang of that, my new goal was 6 months. We quickly made it to 6 months and by then I thought “we’ve got this!”. I really developed a love for the bond it gave us and it felt so good to know I was nourishing my baby boy! I also got really passionate about breastfeeding and did several research projects for school on the topic. I’m still pretty passionate about it and hope to use my Masters to enter the maternal and child health field once I graduate! But I digress, the plan now is just to see how things go, I’d like to let him decide when he’s ready to wean but will probably move to morning/night feedings and let him have the sippy cup during the day with pumped milk. We’re still fighting a milk allergy so I’m hesitant to give him cow’s milk. Just today he broke out is a rash all over his body from a piece of Easter pie I ate! But that’s ok, when we run out of my frozen stash we will probably move him to unsweetened almond milk which is what I drink anyway.

In other news, he’s walking like a champ. Some days he really gets crazy and I’d almost call it a run. He’s super curious and loves to play with spoons and bowls. Give the boy a spoon and a bowl of dog food (or anything that makes noise) and he will stir it for days! He likes to splash in the dog bowls and he enjoys books with “touchy feely” pages. His favorite thing to say is DaDa, all.the.time. He can also say Mama, buuuh (which means book), dog, hi, and bye bye. He loves to be outside and will go on long walks/runs with me in the stroller. He got a new red wagon for his birthday and enjoys riding around the neighborhood in it. He adores the swing at the park and is learning how to slide. He will giggle for days when Dozer our big dog gives him kisses. He has a habit of pulling out small handfuls of fur from the poor kitties, and Oleander just runs in terror when B comes his way. He’s clearly an animal lover like his momma! He likes to be the center of attention and is usually smiling with his huge semi toothless grin. He has 2 bottom teeth with one lateral incisor starting to peek through. He still loves food, fruits, veggies, fish, chicken, and his favorite homemade baked sweet potato fries.

These amazing pictures were taken by Becky at HBPhotography on his first birthday, he’s a little ham to say the least.

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Sleep… yeah we are working on that. We’ve been safely bedsharing/cosleeping for the past  year. I blame myself completely. I really enjoyed it. We all slept better, especially with him still getting up to nurse at night. I wouldn’t change a thing about how we’ve done things. I also loved the snuggles, which when they get to this age and are constantly on the move, snuggles are few and far between! I felt like there would be a time I’d know it was right to put him in his bed and that time came shortly after his birthday. We’ve been making the transition to his crib pretty well. We have a good routine, dinner, bath, books, nurse, a little rocking, and then I put him in his crib and pat him until he dozes off. The first night of this was rough, he cried some, but I just kept reassuring him that I was there and eventually he fell asleep. It’s been easier lately, all I have to do is place my hand on his back or stand by the crib until he closes his eyes. Usually about half way through the night he wakes up to nurse and I take him back to bed with us…it’s a work in progress.

We are so in love with this little guy, what did we ever do with our days before he came along? He is truly a blessing, he is filled with so much love and joy. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

I’m going to write a separate post for his first birthday party so stay tuned for that shortly! It was quite the shin dig. :)